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Many times it is difficult to help advise a parent about moving to retirement living. Below are some resources to help families make important decisions in their best interest. If we can provide additional resources that will help you make the best decision possible, please let us know. 

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How do I convince a parent that it’s time to move?

The adult children of aging or frail parents are often faced with the task of convincing them to move in order to sustain their quality of life. Understanding that your parents are adults and have ideas and choices will help as you approach this major decision.

You might call upon business associates, friends, or a trusted physician to make recommendations. This may make it easier for your loved one to accept the idea of moving. Or why not ask them to think about doing this for you? If you have been pulling double duty shopping, taking them to the doctor, doing their yard work, as well as taking care of your own family, your parents may begin to understand how this impacts your life. Educate them on the benefits of moving to Arbor North such as socialization, privacy, maintaining independence, nutrition and supportive care.


How do I initiate a conversation with my parent(s) about moving?

Be concise and use open-ended questions such as, “Do you think you might want to…?” or “I’m wondering if you have thought about…?”. This will give your parent a feeling of control over their answers and thus more open to the idea. Primarily, your parent(s) want to be independent and in control of their lives. Why not look over the Arbor North website,, together or drop by and tour our facility as a family. You will benefit from giving your parent(s) time to visual the move to Arbor North and to examine their feelings.

How can I prepare my parent(s) for the change that they will experience when they move to Arbor North?

Many loved ones have fears and worries about moving into a semi-assisted living facility. There are uncertainties regarding the move itself, consolidating belongings, fitting in with the other residents, and living in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

Our supportive and experienced staff understands that the decision to live with us is an enormous change for your loved one and assimilation to their new environment may take time. To ease the transition we take great care in getting to know each resident personally and present our patrons with multiple activities to choose from. Through interaction with our staff, visitors, and other residents, many adjust to their new home in a month to six months.

As the adult child, we encourage you to support your parent(s) individual choices regarding socialization and we welcome discussing their progress with you.


How do I help my parent(s) visualize moving from a larger home to an Arbor North apartment?

Some may be concerned with the idea of downsizing from a large family home to a smaller apartment. In reality, most people use just under 700 square feet of personal living space. The remainder of the home often consists of rarely visited rooms and storage.

By moving to Arbor North, their living area will be where they can store their belongings, sleep, watch TV, read a book, and engage in personal pursuits. In addition, they are gaining activity areas, a dining area, a library, and well-maintained grounds.

Encourage your parent(s) to consider what they will be gaining in this move rather than what they will be losing.

How do I go about making a decision about where my parent(s) should move?

It is often helpful to have someone listen to your specific needs and preferences. Meeting with a Referral Agent to focus your search will save you immeasurable time and stress. We suggest Choice Connections located in Jackson, MI. (517) 262-1899.

The next step is to visit each community. Arbor North encourages you to either call ahead for an appointment or stop by for a visit. Our tour and informational folder will give you a sense of the Arbor North personality and philosophy.

What other senior resources are available in the Jackson area?

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